Is Netflix DNS a real thing?

Not long ago I discovered that lots of people search Google for keywords such as: Netflix DNS and American Netflix DNS codes. What is that? Does it exist?

To be honest I do believe that such a thing as a DNS to watch Netflix does exit, but if we speak about something called Netflix DNS, that does not exist. Because Netflix does not have its own DNS servers, instead we can enjoy their services using the DNS servers provided by our Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Well, in their Android application they did add a DNS override forcing their users to use the Google Domain Name Server, but if we speak of Netflix DNS then I can say that there is no such thing. But, what are the people searching for this phrase in Google looking for then? I think I have the answer. They want to watch American Netflix and change Netflix regions using what they call a Netlix DNS. Does such a thing exist?

What is a Netflix DNS

Is there a DNS for Netflix which lets me change my Netflix region?

This does not work anymore. If you want to gain access to a different Netflix region, visit and follow the instructions there.

If you want to get access to a DNS or a DNS provider that will let you change your Netflix region and thus make it possible for you to watch other Netflix regions at your present location, then that is something that can be done. There are several so called SmartDNS providers out there on the market offering you their services, and even though this is not a so called Netflix DNS, it is still a DNS service that will open up Netflix to you.

My favorite so called SmartDNS provider which will not only unblock Netflix for you, but also give you access to lots of TV stations all around the globe is Unlocator.Unlocator website

If you visit their website you can sign up for their services which is free to try for seven days. They will give you detailed information on their website on how you can setup their DNS services on your computer or on some other device, and once you have it up and running you can rejoice because you will have access to more than 30 Netflix regions at once, including American Netflix.

This does not work anymore. If you want to gain access to a different Netflix region, visit and follow the instructions there.

Is that what you meant when you looked for Netflix DNS?

I have a feeling this was the information you were looking for as you search Bing or maybe Google for information on the topic. Maybe you even wanted a free Netflix DNS, but let me tell you at once that you should skip that. If you find something that works for one day it will not work the second day, and you will simply use way to much energy and time to get it working. In addition I would never use a DNS server in whom I do not trust, because a DNS server can abuse your data that you transmit on the Internet and steal confidential information. Play safe instead and use Unlocator!

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